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Photo Gallery

Birthday Celebrations Birthday Celebrations Desiree's Shoe Cake This was a chocolate-vanilla marble pound cake, with chocolate ganache filling, and it was covered in buttercream icing under fondant. The Shoe and flowers were hand made by me out of gumpaste. 79981711 This cake feeds 40-50 people and is topped with a gumpaste bow... please give at least a weeks notice for all gumpaste decorations 102215294 92246817 196339800 196339802 196339801 196339809 Lots and LOTS of candles, 51 to be exact, per her husbands kind request ;) 111349785 98244054 179103282 179103283 120568845 179103285 179103286 92246811 Bubby's Big One A dark chocolate "over the hill" cake covered in buttercream, with fondant figures! 78847272 78847273 Mini Bubby made out of fondant 78847280 Hatbox cake Lemon Cream cake with cream cheese filling 143170588 179103284 179103287 100% Edible Rollerskate Even the slap bracelet is edible! ;) 113568463 179103288 21st Birthday Cake All the cocktails are hand crafted out of homemade fondant and the cake is covered in almond buttercream. 70759503