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Photo Gallery

Paintings Paintings Love On The Rocks A man and a woman sit under the tree 76541594 San Juan "Over the sofa" size beachscape 76541595 76543774 Vinyards 76541600 Martini Time 76541601 Dog On A Hill 76543776 Midnight Sun 76543778 Self Portrait Large 64"x64" acrylic on canvas 76543779 Faces 76543775 Night Moves 76541592 76555436 Art For A Cure This painting sold at the Woodland's Great American BBQ benefit for the Children's Miracle Network 76541588 Cool Water 76541597 76541602 Interpretation This one is not for sale as it is an interpretation of another artist's painting... 76541598 Monteray This painting is in a frame so this picture is taken while its behind glass and makes it a little blurry. 76541590 Murdock 76541591