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Photo Gallery

Kids Birthday Cakes Kids Birthday Cakes 196339807 196339808 Life Size Spiderman This cake was bigger than the birthday boy himself! Spiderman's head is made out of rice cereal treat, and the rest is cake from neck down, covered in buttercream and fondant. 111345176 179103311 179103313 179103316 196339788 196339791 196339797 179103317 179103318 179103312 196339799 179103314 196340189 196339796 196339795 179103315 Love Bug Cake The ladybug on top is all cake, and the mini ladybugs all over are made of fondant. 102216530 Love Bug Cupcakes 102216531 143169149 Topsy Turvy Cars Cake 92246802 Spongebob Cake This was a half sheet size marble cake covered in buttercream and fondant 111343719 Spongebob Crabby Patty Smash Cake The mini Spongebob is a rice cereal treat covered in buttercream then fondant, holding the candles for the birthday boy on a Crabby Patty cake covered in buttercream! 111343718 111343124 111343125 Hand drew and colored all the details with edible markers! 102215290 Hand drew and colored all of the characters with edible markers! 102215286 Shaded the scenery and drew the trees with edible markers and fondant. 102215292 The 2 fish are probably my favorite parts of this cake.... :) I made the hat candle holder out of gumpaste 102215289 196340188 102214287 196449375 Barnyard Friends Cupcakes All buttercream! 98244043 196340190 Piggie Cake Once again... all edible 102232951