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Cakes For All Occasions Cakes For All Occasions Purse and Heel "Bling" Cake The only things not edible on this cake are the diamonds... but they're still a girl's best friend! ;) 102215296 111269557 Edible Make up Bag This is all cake, with handmade fondnt lipstick and other make up... 111269619 111389982 102232953 Tiny Weenie Cakes $7 each 3"x4" cakes pefect for a personal size sweet! 108607282 196340178 196339798 196339804 196339794 145860846 196339803 113487022 Petit Fours-AKA Cutie Cakes These make any event seem fancy and refined... 92246807 Mocha Latte Cutie Cake Mocha Latte Cutie Cake 92246808 Pink Champagne Cutie Cake Pink Champagne Cutie Cake 92246809 White Chocolate Cheese Cake Cutie Cake White Chocolate Cheese Cake Cutie Cake 92246810 143717601 111361040